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About Us

Rollingstone Diamonds

Rolling Stone Diamonds is an expert manufacturer and wholesaler of polished diamonds and fine jewellery, with over 50 years’ experience. We specialise in the design and polish of rough diamonds, as well as setting of gems. We have an extensive marketing network internationally; our Tel-Aviv (Israel) office is located in the Diamond Exchange Zone and acts as manufacturing and buying office, while our Sydney office is a dedicated marketing branch.

We’re here to help

Whether you are after a gem or jewellery, we can help design, source and manufacture your vision.

Our expertise and ability to access diamonds directly from the source, allowing us to find the perfect jewel for you or your loved one.

SYDNEY office
Suite 917, Level 9
160 Castlereagh Street


TEL-AVIV office
Room 15, 1st Floor, Diamond Exchange Building Noam

About the Israel Diamond Exchange

Established in the 1930s by immigrants who had learned the trade in Belgium and formally named the Israel Diamond Exchange in 1937. During WW2, when the traditional European centres fell under German occupation, Israel became a major source for polished diamonds. The industry experienced continuous growth with exports to the United States, the Far East and Europe. Israel’s diamond polishing factories – considered the most advanced in the world – are equipped with sophisticated diamond processing technologies – many of which were developed locally. Israeli technological advances such as lasers for diamond cutting, brutting machines, automatic polishing machines and computer aided design systems are used today throughout the global diamond industry. Israel’s diamond polishers are world-renowned for their expertise in polishing large and medium sized diamonds, of all shapes and cuts. However, they have also expanded their manufacturing capabilities overseas – primarily in Asia – importing smaller stones for grading and sorting.